Governing Body

Governing Body

The highest statutory body is the Governing Body of the college which is constituted with 13 members of the following categories:

  • The Principal of the college who shall be the Secretary of the Governing Body (Ex-officio).
  • Four representatives elected from among themselves by the whole time teachers of the college.
  • Two members elected from among themselves by the whole time non- teaching staff of the college.
  • Two members nominated by the State Government, at least one of whom shall be an educationist.
  • Two members nominated by the Executive Council of the University.
  • The G.S, Students Union. (Ex-officio)
  • Chairman of the Municipality within theJurisdiction of which the college is situated, provided he is neither a teacher, nor an employee and nor a student of the college concerned.

The President of the Governing Body elected from among the existing members.

The present constitution of Governing Body is as follows:

Member Status
Mr. Dipendu Biswas President,G.B. (Govt. nominee)
Dr. Ashoke Kumar Mondal Principal & Secretary
Mr. Bibhu Ranjan Chatterjee Govt. nominee
Mr. Surajit Tarafdar Govt. nominee
Prof. Nandini Chakroborty University nominee
Mr. Subrata Biswas University nominee
Dr. Shamim Bhar University nominee
Prof. Dinabandhu Barat Teacher Member
Prof. Khairul Alam Teacher Member
Prof. Sangeeta Mondal Teacher Member
Mr. Somen Bannerjee Non-teaching member
Surajit Mitra Non teaching member