Department of Philosophy

About the Department

The department of Philosophy, Basirhat College, shares its birthday with the college itself. In other words, Philosophy is one of those subjects which is being taught in Basirhat College right from the date of its inception. Being the part and parcel of the college, the department attempts to fulfil the objectives of this institution in harmony with other departments.

Initially, Philosophy was offered in Intermediate and Degree level of studies as an optional subject for the students of humanities stream. From the very begining, students expressed their love of knowledge by opting in large number for Philosophy, a subject which literally means love for knowledge. From the academic session 1994-95 the department is successfully offering Philosophy as an honours subject to the willing and eligible candidate.

Recently the department has increased its strength, alongwith the joining of new faculty members and their combined efforts are driving the department to reach new heights.

Head of the Department   Lal Khan


Goutamlal Mukhopadhyay department of philosophy

Goutamlal Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor, M.A.,M.Phil.,

Prof. Mukhopadhyay joined the department of Philosophy as an Assistant professor on 21.3.1986. He received his B.A and M.A degrees from Calcutta University. His M.Phill degree is from C.U as well. The title of his M.Phill dissertation was: Mill’s Doctrine of Liberty: A Reflective Essay. His areas of interest are Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics. Read More..

Sayeda Begum department of philosophy

Sayeda Begum, Assistant Professor, M.A.,

Prof. Sayeda Begum completed her B.A (Hons) degree in Philosophy from Serampore College (under Calcutta University) in 1990. She achieved 1st class in Honours (19th position in Calcutta University) and 1st division in general papers. She was selected  for an award under the National Scholarships scheme of the Govt. of India on the result of U.G level. She also completed her M.A degree in Philosophy in 1994 from Calcutta University. Her special paper was Logic. She achieved 1st class 6th position (and also highest marks in Logic) in M.A examination. She also qualified SLET examination in 1994 and joined Basirhat College in 1999.Read More..

Lal Khan department of philosophy

Lal Khan, Assistant Professor, M.A.,

Prof. Lal Khan joined Basirhat College on 05. 10. 2016. He obtained B.A and M.A from the University of Kalyani. He achieved 1st class 2nd position in M.A examination. His special paper was Western Logic. His area of interest is Metaphysics. Read More..

Basanti Ghosh department of philosophy

Basanti Ghosh, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Basanti Ghosh achieved her M. A degree in Philosophy from Rabindra Bharati University. Her special paper was Nyāya Philosophy. She joined Basirhat College on 01.09.1993. Read More..

Tapa Sanyamat department of philosophy

Tapa Sanyamat, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Tapa Sanyamat achieved her M.A degree in  Philosophy from University of Calcutta. Her special paper was Logic. She joined Basirhat College on 01.09.1992. Read More..

Suparna Adhikary De department of philosophy

Suparna Adhikary De, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Suparna Adhikary achieved her M.A degree in Philosophy from RabindraBharati University. Her special paper was Nyāya philosophy. She joined Basirhat College on 01.11.2006.Read More..