Department of Political Science

About the Department

The department of Political Science is one of the major departments in the Faculty of Arts, Basirhat College which is a premier centre of learning in this subdivision. The department maintains high academic standards of this university to which it is affiliated to.

The department strives for providing students the opportunity of knowledge on new subjects in this field. The primary motive of the department is academic excellence as well as preparation of the students for new challenges and demands in the job market. The medium of instruction is Bengali and English. We have a highly trained faculty ever-responsive to student's demands.


Abhijat Prokash Mookherjee department of Political Science

Abhijat Prokash Mookherjee, Associate Professor, M.A.,

Prof. Mookherjee  joined in Department of Political Science on 15.12.1992. Both his degrees (B.A and M.A) are from the University of Calcutta. His  areas of interest are Indian Administration and Politics Read More..

Subrata De department of Political Science

Subrata De, HOD, Associate Professor, M.A.,

Prof. De joined joined in the Department of Political Science as an Assistant Professor on 02.12.1994. He received his degrees (B.A, M.A) from the University of Burdwan. His area of interest is International Relations. Read More..

Narayan Guha department of Political Science

Narayan Guha, P.T.T, M.A.,

Prof. Guha joined the Department of Political Science on 15.05.1990. He obtained B.A from the University of Calcutta and M.A from Rabindra Bharati University. His special paper in Master degree course was International Relations. Read More..