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Welcome to Basirhat College

 Online Admission 2021 - 2022            Provisional Routine: 1.Pure Sc (phy+Chem+ Math)  2. Botany  3. Physiology  4. Zoology  5. Geography  6. Computer Sc.  7. Bengali  8. English  9. Education  10. History  11. Philosophy  12. Pol Sc.  13. Physical Education  14. Sanskrit  15. B.A (General)   16. Commerce 



The vision of the college is to explore and expand the horizon of knowledge to the students of backward area like Basirhat of West Bengal with an intention to increase their competence to earn livelihood.



Basirhat College was founded seventy years ago (1947) with the mission of spreading higher education among the people of the area. The founders of the college took it to be their commitment to the people to see that the willing and the deserving among those who leave school are not deprived of an opportunity to enhance their academic qualification in order to be suitably placed in life. The Vision of the founders active behind their mission was certainly to create a society where the educated youth will be pioneers in its struggle against ignorance, illiteracy, superstitions and other social evils.

The college aims at providing higher education to the local youth and through it to build up the youth as disciplined and dutiful citizens of the country and useful members of the society. These goals and objectives are made known to the student and their guardians through the rules and regulations binding on everybody related to the college as put down in the College Prospectus and other accessible documents like college website. That the higher authorities are well aware of the role of the college in the academic field is evident from the financial and academic support it receives from there.



The objective of the institution is not only to spread higher education in the society but also act as an instrument for the betterment of the society, viz., to promote equality and social justice and also to create the right kind of work ethos, professional expertise and leadership in all walks of life. By all means, we direct our endeavour to

           1. Promote secular development of the human potential inherent in everyone.

           2. Establish Gender equity.

           3. Spread Awareness for commitment to nation building and public welfare.

           4. Ensure high quality education as emphasized by the university combining it with value based education.

           5. Pursue knowledge without any dogma and utilize it for the benefit of the society.

           6. Foster the spirit of academic freedom.