Estd : 1947
Affiliation : West Bengal State University

Basirhat College 
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Curriculum Delivery

Add-on courses offered by the department of English

The department of English offers add on courses in order to meet the growing demand of knowledge in specific subject. Currently the department is offering the add-on course “Research and Research Techniques”. Notification about this course was made on 8th November 2023. The course will start on 23.11.23 and will close on 10.01.2024 .

Detail of the previous Add-on courses offered by the department
Academic session Name of the Add-on course No. Of participants Duration
2022-23 English for Communication 83 9.1.23-14.2.23
2021-22 English for Communication 287 ( total of section A,B,C) 2.11.21-30.1.22
Research and Research Techniques 287 (total of section A,B,C) 10.1.22-17.3.22
2020-21 English for Communication 354 (total of section A,B,C) 6.11.20-8.2.21
Research and Research Techniques 354 (total of section A,B,C) 4.1.21--5.3.21
2019-20 English for Communication 367 (total of section A,B,C) 4.11.19-10.2.20
2018-19 English for Communication 378 (total of section A,B,C) 6.11.18-8.2.19


Department of English

About the Department

"The function of Education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically." These words of Martin Luther king Jr. sum up what the Department of English, Basirhat College, is striving to achieve: enabling young minds to soar high with the wings of knowledge. The journey that began in the year 1957 is moving forward with increasing strength and vigour. Along with traditional genres of English literature we make our students aware of the latest developments in the field of literature. This happens because the faculty members themselves are experts in diverse fields of literature and language. Furthermore, this department doesn't only aim to teach the students, it sincerely provides a constant support to each one of them.


Sangeeta Mondal

Sangeeta Mondal, Assistant Professor, M.A., B.Ed.

She joined in the department of English, Basirhat College, on 21.9.2006. She received both her B.A and M.A degrees from Calcutta University. From the same university she received her B.Ed degree as well. Her area of interest is Indian Writing in English. Her research interest is mainly focused upon a comparative study of plays of Mahesh Dattani and Girish Karnad.Read More..

Sanjukta Bala

Sanjukta Bala,Assistant Professor, M. A.

She joined Basirhat College on 21st April, 2010 as an Assistant professor in the department of English. She received both her B.A and M.A degrees from the University of Calcutta. Currently she is working on her PhD project under the supervision of Dr. Nandini Saha of Jadavpur University. The area of her research is Environmental Humanities. Her areas of interest are: Postcolonial Indian Literature, Cultural Studies and Critical theory.Read More..

Gobinda Banik

Gobinda Banik, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Gobinda Banik has completed his Master’s from Jadavpur University in English. He earned a Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) working in the area of Interpretive Community. Recently he is working in collaboration with the Department of Design (DoD) - IIT Guwahati, Kala Bhavana - Visva Bharati and Department of Psychology- University of Toronto. He is also going to collaborate with Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar and CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC), Chennai. Experimental research in English studies, advertising, eye-tracking & visual communication are some of the central areas of his research. He received the Best Poster award at the 26th Annual Conference of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), held at IIT Madras (Dec. 2016).Read More..

Dr. Soumita Adhikary

Dr. Soumita Adhikary, Assistant Professor, Ph. D. (HOD)

Soumita Adhikary joined the college on 12.04.2017 as Assistant Professor in the Department of English. She received her graduation in English(Honours.) from Calcutta University and has completed post-graduation from Jadavpur University. Her Ph.D. dissertation explores Subaltern in South Asian Literature and context.Her area of interest are: Postcolonial Literature and theory, Cultural Studies, Subaltern Studies and South Asian Literature. Music and creative writing are her hobbies during leisure.Read More..

Asok Kumar De

Asok Kumar De, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.

He joined the Department of English on 18.11.1998 as a Part Time Teacher. He graduated in English (Honours) from Rabindra Bharati University and completed his post graduation from the same university. His area of interest is Indian English Literature.Read More..

Mithu Rani Halder

Mithu Rani Halder, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.

She joined in the Department of English on 1.9.2009 as Part Time Teacher. She studied in Berhampur University and received her degrees from there. Her area of Interest is mainly American Literature.Read More..