Estd : 1947
Affiliation : West Bengal State University


Basirhat College 
 বসিরহাট কলেজ

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ICC Cell


The ICC cell of Basirhat College is working towards creating a safe environment for all, specially women. A considerable number of female students get admission in the college each year. It is our primary concern to provide an environment where the teaching – learning process is not hindered. It also offers a platform where each student is given free space to voice their problems and other concerns. The Women Development Cell is functioning through this cell. The cell is comprised of teachers, non- teaching staffs and also a student representative.


          Committee Members                                           Designation

  1. Dr. Sukanya Majumder                                  Associate Professor Presiding Officer / Email:]
  2. Prof. Sayeda Begum                                      Assistant Professor
  3. Prof. Rajkumar Das                                       Assistant professor
  4. Mrs. Pampa Biswas                                       NTS Member
  5. Mr. Parijat Das                                               NTS Member
  6. Omor Faruk Gazi                                           Student Member
  7. Sampriti Bannerjee                                        Student Member
  8. Suchita Ghosh                                                Student Member
  9. Mr. Arindam Goldar                                       Legal Officer
  10. Mr. Tapas Mukherjee                                     Member from NGO