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Department of Sanskrit

About the Department

The department of Sanskrit is an integral part of the college since its affiliation in 1947. The affiliation of the subject was initially for general course only, but now it runs both its courses in Honours and General (both in Morning and Day shift). Sanskrit General is taught as a combination subject in the Arts faculty. The Honours course is offered in the day shift. With efficient faculty members and staffs this department is continuing its journey with success.

Head of the Department : Prof. Prasenjit Sardar 



Arindam Mandal. Assistant Professor, M.A.,

Dr. Arindam Mandal joined the Department of Sanskrit as an Assistant Professor on 04.08. 2016. He received his B.A and M.A degrees from the University of Calcutta. He obtained his Ph.D degree from Jadavpur University. His title of his thesis : "Advaita Vedānte Ekabijnane Sarvabijnanm". His area of specialization is Vedānta.

Prasenjit Sardar, Assistant Professor, M.A.

Prasenjit Sardar completed his M.A in Sanskrit from University of Burdwan in 2013. He joined Basirhat College as Assistant Professor in 2019.

Rina Mondal (Khan), State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Rina Mandal (Khan) joined in the Department of Sanskrit on 18.11.1998. She received her B.A and M.A degrees from University of Calcutta. She teaches mainly Sanskrit Verse Literature (Kavyā).

Jhuma Ghosh, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Jhuma Ghosh joined in the Department of Sanskrit on 10.09.2002. She completed her graduation from the University of Calcutta. She obtained M.A from Jadavpur University. Her specialization is Sanskrit Verse Literature (Kavyā).

Moumita Biswas, State Aided College Teacher, M.A.,

Prof. Moumita Biswas joined in the Department of Sanskrit on 01.10.2012 as a Guest Lecturer. She received her degrees (B.A, M.A) from the University of Jadavpur. Her areas of Interest are: Vedā Literature, Sanskrit Drama, Sanskrit Grammar.


Prof. Seuli Ghosh, State Aided College Teacher.

Prof. Seuli Ghosh joined Basirhat College on 01.02.2016. She completed her B.A and M.A degree from Jadavpur University. Her area of specialization is Inscription.