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Affiliation : West Bengal State University


Basirhat College 

 বসিরহাট কলেজ

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Library Rules and Regulation

The Regulations


The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution to be made of Basirhat College library resources.


Access to Library Facilities

Library Card:


  1. Borrower cards are non-transferable. Misuse of borrower card(s) is a serious offence. The library card is the key to access to library services. It is a personal property and responsibility. One may not allow other person to use the card. The user will be held responsible for all items borrowed.
  2. A user must carry a library card at all times and be prepared to show it on request. Services may not be provided without it.
  3. Lose of library card(s) shall immediately be intimated to the librarian in writing. For issuance of duplicate library card(s) on payment of a fine Rs.5/- for each card, reported lost. The student concerned shall however remain responsible always for any misuse of missing card(s).


 Access to Reference and Borrowing facilities:



  1.  All current students of the college may use the libraries for reference and study. Non-members like research scholars, students of the university or ex-students of the college may also use the libraries for reference on application to the librarian.
  2. All current members of the college, whether teaching staff or non-teaching staff are entitled to borrow from the library


Electronic Information Services :




Only current members of the college may use the electronic information resources available via the library PCs.






If a user wishes to borrow material he/she must provide evidence of their eligibility to do so.

  1. Library Cards are issued to the students from the library on production of the college admission receipt.
    • Each bonafied student gets 2 Library Cards:
      1. Reading Card
      2. Lending Card
    • For getting Reading Card, students are required to submit the photo copy of college admission receipt with proper address on it.
    • For getting Lending Card, students are required to deposit caution money( Rs.100/= for Hons. And Rs 50/= for Gen. Students).
  2. Full-time staff members of the college will be required to procedure evidence of their post in the college for the first time only, for example a copy of joining letter.
  3. Part-time/ Contractual staff members of the college will be required to produce evidence of their post in the college, for example a letter from their Head of the Department mentioning the date of joining, tenure, etc. and approval from the Principal.



 Borrowing entitlement


  1. Each bona fide student of the college may borrow the following number of books -
    • Honours Course 2 (Two)
    • General Course - 1 (One)
  2. Staff may normally borrow the following number of books at a time and in this matter the library constitution is final-
    • Teaching staff - 10 (Ten)
    • Part-time / Contractual Teaching staff - 5 (Five)
    • Non-Teaching staff - 3 (Three)
  3. Rare, reference books shall not be issued to anybody. Very costly books should be issued to the students for reference purposes only.


Recording of loans


  1. All material borrowed from the library must be issued and returned officially by a member of library staff.
  2. It is an offence to vandalize or to remove library material that has not been issued officially. The following actions may be taken:
    • Proceedings under the of disciplinary procedure
    • Charging for damage caused to publications.
  3. One must return material on or before the due date for return.
  4. It is the borrower's responsibility to return the issued out library material without damage.
  5. In case of damaged or mutilated documents, fine imposed or step taken by the librarian will be final.
  6. Before appearing for the university examination each year a student must return all the publications of the library and obtain the "No Dues Certificate". And in the final year they should also, surrender the library cards.
  7. Before retirement a staff must return all the publications of the library and obtain the "No Dues Certificate"


Overdue of Books:


  1. In case of retain the overdue items the students shall have to pay fine of Rs.1/- per day, after 7 days delay from the day of return.
  2. In case of staff (teaching / non-teaching) shall have to pay fine of Re. 1/- per day, after 2 months


Photocopying Facility:



Photocopying facilities are provided to the students with maximum 15 pages per day for an amount of Re. 1/- per page.


Conduct in the library:


  1. Library staff has authority to maintain good order in the library. In case of unacceptable manner, or infringe the regulations by the users, the librarian may exclude the user from the library or suspend the user from its use.
  2. Users are required to treat the library environment with respect and the library staff with respect and courtesy. Should any incident be reported, librarian may pursue the matter under the college Student Disciplinary procedures. Users may be excluded from the library whilst this process is underway.
  3. Users should observe silence and quiet group working in appropriate designated areas.
  4. User or Staff is not permitted to smoke in the library.
  5. Only drinking water may be consumed in the libraries. No hot drinks or hot food are permitted. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.
  6. Users should switch their mobile phones to silent or switch off at all times inside the library premises. Allowing a mobile phone to ring and / or holding a phone conversation is not permitted inside the library.


Readers' personal property:


  1. Neither library staff nor college authorities are responsible for the loss of any personal property left in the library.
  2. Readers may not leave property on chairs and tables to reserve a place in their absence


Special categories of material:


  1. Reference material, including journals and newspapers are for use in the library only and are not to be taken away.
  2. For material in short-term loan or high demand collections special regulations apply which must ensure proper use of the document and these must be reviewed on the users' point of view.


Emergency Procedures:



Basirhat College has established procedures to deal with emergencies. For own safety and the safety of other clients, please obey instruction issued by library.






Suggestions are always welcome, please use the suggestion box. This may help the library to rectify the services or implement something essential for user comfort and benefit.


In near future, to provide better services to our users we are going to introduce complete automation services in library. The process has been started.

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